Leak Detection & Asset Integrity Director of Product Management

As a leading technology provider to the traditional and new energies industry, TechnipFMC delivers fully integrated projects, products, and services. TechnipFMC is organized into two business segments – Subsea and Surface Technologies, which positions them to deliver greater efficiency across project lifecycles from concept to project delivery and beyond. 


Approximately 20,000 employees globally are driven by a steady commitment to client success and a culture of strong execution, purposeful innovation, and challenging industry conventions.


TechnipFMC’s overall vision is to drive real change in the energy industry and their corporate strategy has always been focused on successfully delivering that vision. The company’s purpose is to improve every client’s project economics, enhance performance and reduce emissions.

TechnipFMC’s core values and foundational beliefs underline their fundamental view that how they do business is as important as why they do business.

TechnipFMC’s vision for the Leak Detection & Asset Integrity function is to provide an integrated service to minimize environmental impact from customer assets by deploying appropriate technology to monitor, identify, and quantify issues to enable rapid and effective intervention. In order to further develop this capability and grow this function, TechnipFMC has created the role of Leak Detection & Asset Integrity function.

The Leak Detection & Asset Integrity Director of Product Management will be responsible for leading the product development and management function of a business subsystem and delivering the product and subsequent iterations as a start-up business within an agreed time-frame, including assessment of potential markets, product portfolio management, product definition, development, positioning, pricing, and external marketing strategies. The role has strategic marketing responsibilities such as identification and evaluation of new business opportunities and ventures, including partnerships and acquisitions as well.

The role owns the understanding of the market needs and client requirements, considering all steps of the field lifecycle, and offering performance.

Based in Houston, TX.

To apply, please send an email to with the Company Name & Position Title in the subject line, as well as a resume - or call us at 832-293-3017.