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Virtual Lunch Break Series - Digital Transformation Discussion

On Thursday March 25th, 2021 at 12:00pm CT, Merrimac International will host their first episode of a Virtual Lunch Break Series. Merrimac Intl. will be hosting JoAnn Meyer, Founder & Principal of Previse Consulting in a discussion on digital transformations and how to capture value at the bottom line and with empowered teams. Mary McIntyre, President of Merrimac Intl. will be moderating the discussion.

JoAnn has incredible experience across the energy industry starting as a Petroleum Engineer at Mobil Oil to leading operations and engineering organizations through strategy development and adoption of new technology at Aera Energy and then adapting through the technology revolution as an operations advisor and project manager with ExxonMobil. JoAnn is an accomplished speaker at industry conferences and academic institutions as well as an advocate for increasing the availability of diverse STEM talent in the future.

JoAnn will focus her presentation on the challenges, mindset needed, and all benefits involved in the transformation journey within organizations. A Q&A session will follow, and the entire conversation should last approximately one hour.

Join us for the conversation!

Please register using the following link:

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