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At Merrimac International, we are passionate about partnering with our clients to enable their businesses for long-term success. We are focused on making the best match - not only matching the required skill set and experience of executives to companies, but also matching cultures and motivations so companies and executives can thrive in an environment where they can grow and expand their businesses and careers together. We seek to find the right attitudes and abilities of candidates for long-term partnerships within the organizations.

We partner with our clients and fully understand their businesses, inside and out, becoming an extension of them to the marketplace. As we approach potential (and passive) candidates, we take a personal approach in getting to know every candidate we speak with.


We utilize our Core Values in everything we do: 

  • Honesty & Integrity - We believe in being honest and transparent at all times and holding ourselves to the highest level of integrity. We focus on doing the right thing at all times for everyone we do business with.

  • Collaborative Partner & Trusted Advisor - We strive to be partners and advisors to our clients before, during and after the search process. We act in the best interest of our clients at all times. We are committed to building and maintaining trust with both clients and executives in all that we do.

  • Proactive & Efficient - We know timing is everything. We work quickly and anticipate our client's needs. We are personally invested in the process and the success of each assignment we take on. We take our client's perspectives and act proactively to ensure a positive experience. 

  • Quality Focused & Culture Driven - While we aim to work quickly, we focus on presenting quality candidates with the right skill set and culture fit. Every company has its own unique culture and environment, we pride ourselves on understanding the uniqueness of each of our clients and finding executives that fit that for long-term collaboration.

  • Committed to Giving Back to the Community - We are actively engaged in the community, particularly in supporting our veterans. We work closely with retiring military officers and special ops to integrate their leadership abilities into industry. Additionally, a few programs we have invested our time in include: Dress for Success, The British American Foundation of Texas, Impact a Hero, among others.

We focus on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with all of our partners. We look forward to adding like-minded companies to our partnership, focusing on integrity, honesty, and trust. We believe people want more than a transaction - we promise that everyone we do business with will receive a positive and personal experience.

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